Jordan Jeppe, CEO

Hey! i’m jordan. i started j.j. & co first in 2017 as a hobby, helping close friends manage their social media accounts and creating content for the joy of it. once i stepped into the music industry, running the account of a grammy award-winning music producer, i quickly realized this was more than just posting on instagram. i saw not only within the music industry, but within health & wellness, fitness, and many more sectors there was no single entity doing what i offered. there was a need for guidance, strategy, implementation and overall management behind optimizing a brands online presence. from a pure creative outlet, to a full time passion; i created my own lane and J.J. & co management was born.


Monica Ortega, partner

Hey there! i became a partner at J.J. & Co. at the beginning of 2019. After spending 4 years building up my own travel show “Monica Goes”, i became passionate about helping others build their own brands. Spending years learning business, social media and marketing skills of my own, I’m all about helping brands reach their ideal clients, find a dedicated audience, and share their stories with the world.