How to Use Social Media to Grow Your Brand

Seems obvious right? You would think. However, I still get questioned today just how helpful is Instagram or Facebook for a brand. I won't tell you what crosses my mind for that split second between thinking- is this person for real? and did they really just ask me that? But I will tell you my response. YES!

Usually this stems from a lack of knowledge on social media platforms and what all they can provide; So, I'm here to tell you why you should be using these FREE tools to help build your brand. Remember, social media is a tool. There's so many times brands place all their eggs in one basket (aka Instagram) and expect there to be an instant ROI. That's the problem though, you must see social media as a nail in your table; i.e. your table being your business and the nail is supporting it. 

If you're able to fully maximize your platforms you are not only helping your brand succeed more, you're cutting a lot of marketing expenses and reaching your audience in the most authentic way. How do you maximize though? Read on..

Increase your Website Traffic with Social Media:

Social media drives free traffic to your website. You must start by creating content on your website that people actually want though. I’m talking about super informative information that will make them keep coming back for more. The juicier the better! Once you have the juice- share on your social media channels. Don't expose all the goods- you want your audience to be enticed to visit your website. If you have people visiting your website then you're most likely capturing emails too, which is online marketing gold. 

Speaking of Gold and Emails- Gain More Subscribers Than Ever:

You ever go to a website and a little box jumps up out of nowhere and you're suddenly annoyed that it cut off whatever you were looking at? Yeah, same. However, if you don't have that on your website you're missing out! Most people will just exit out, but to capture their email I recommend giving away a freebie or some type of incentive. Promote the deal across your platforms and once  people land on your website, they will subscribe – get their freebie – and you will have successfully captured their email address for future email marketing ventures. In order to make this successful, intrigue your audience – make sure that they feel that they can trust you with their email address. You see social media is about relationship building. Befriend your audience, gain their trust, and they will give you the things that you’re after. 

Utilizing Your Audience:

Perhaps the best thing about social media and building brand awareness is you can choose to directly influence your audience. You can have conversations with your fans, ask questions, do polls, etc. Things that use to take months to receive feedback are now executed in less than a few days!

Are you interested in growing your brands social media presence? Contact us for a FREE consultation and find out what you need in order to reach your brands potential. 





jordan jeppe