6 New Instagram Updates You Should Know About

If it’s not an algorithm change on our favorite platform, Instagram, it’s an update! Here are 6 updates you need to know about.

  1. Voice Message in the DMs

    • This feature allows you to send audio messages up to 1 minute long in private and group chats. All you have to do is hold down the microphone button to record.

  2. Alternative Text Descriptions

    • Have you noticed when editing your photo in the bottom right corner the option to “Add Alt Text” option? Well, now you can add a description of what’s happening in the image or video. Users with screen readers will have the text read out loud to them, giving them the context of your image even if they have trouble reading it.

  3. IG Stories Questions Sticker

    • One of our favorite ways to engage followers now can be used to share music! You can respond to questions with music by tapping on a viewers response, which will play the song, and then you can choose to respond with either a message, or share the song to your own story.

  4. New IGTV Preview in Stories

    • Now you can share a preview of any of your IGTV videos in your Stories. This is similar to the feature that allows you to repost stories that you’ve been mentioned in.

  5. Close Friends List for Stories

    • You can now handpick a group of friends or followers to share private story posts with! Only the people in your “Close Friends List” will see your story and it will be hidden from all your other followers.

  6. Save Products to Shopping Collections

    • When you come across a must-have item on Instagram now you can save it to your Shopping Collection to revisit later. Just tap a product tag in Stories or in your Feed, tap the Save icon and save it to your Shopping Collection.

If you’re a brand looking to increase engagement we highly recommend implementing some of these new updates in your daily use on Instagram. Thanks for reading along!

jordan jeppe