What Happens To Influencers If "Likes" Go Away on Instagram?

It’s not a for sure yet, but the possibility that Instagram may eliminate “Likes” could impact the influencer community. This drastic change would cause brands to question whether or not an influencer has enough sway to contribute to the brands marketing efforts. Without an outward metric such as “Likes”, influencers would have to rely on other resources to prove their content is worthwhile- like influencer marketing agencies.

While some might see this as daunting, influencer marketing agencies will be in more demand than ever. The removal of “Likes” would essentially open up opportunities for agencies to add value and transparency in an industry where campaign results can be difficult to decipher. (If I had a dollar every time someone asked me the ROI of social media..)

Brands will have to find new ways to measure success in working with influencers, aside from the current metric: engagement. Brands will have no choice but to seek agencies due to their wide access of influencers who create great content.

Another point: CONTENT

With the removal of “Likes” we could see more importance placed on content quality along with the quality of engagements. Is the audience just leaving quick emojis or are they truly engaging with the influencer? Many influencers post photos they think will get the most likes which doesn’t always translate to the best range of photos, which leads to repetitive content.

I also believe the stronger the content the better the engagement between influencers and their audience will be. People would most likely spend more time reading captions and would apply more thoughtful engagement around captions in addition to the photos.

Perhaps the best thing about this change by Instagram will be no one has to chase likes anymore. Not just influencers, but the everyday users. So while influencer marketing agencies are winning, we can also by creating a friendlier environment that focuses more on quality content over vanity numbers.