New Service: Brand Consulting

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Feeling Stagnant with Your Brand?

How many times have you felt like you’re not reaching your brands fullest potential? Or you feel lost in the direction you’re taking your brand- then you’re in the right place! J.J. & Co has worked with over 20 different brands helping them identify and expand their target market, develop strategies and create a plan of action to optimize their brands fullest potential. Consultations with J.J. & Co aren’t focused on quick fixes and fast results. When it comes to putting together a plan of action, we will help your brand build a solid business foundation.

We specifically specialize in a brands online presence. From your social media platforms, to your own website, we will audit and direct your brand in the right direction through 4 personalized pillars:

  1. Envision

  2. Explore

  3. Assess

  4. Execute

Through each pillar we will be able to dissect your brand, develop longterm goals and create a plan of execution. Sometimes you just need an outside perspective, let us help you!

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