Brand consulting

its easy to be overwhelmed by social media, or maybe you feel stagnant with your brands progression. We have worked with over 20 different brands helping them identify and expand their target market, teaching them the best content creation tools and tips, developing strategies and creating plan of action to optimize their brands fullest potential. we will help your brand build a solid business foundation through our 4 pillars:

  1. Envision

  2. Explore

  3. Assess

  4. Execute

Through each pillar we will be able to dissect your brand, develop longterm goals and create a plan of execution.

SOCIAL MEDIA management

J.J & Co establishes a brand presence across all platforms as a critical first step in social media management. Our team won't only post, but engage and interact with your audience, while also curating an image that is both aesthetically pleasing and influential. The goal is to target, amplify and grow with eye catching content.

Content and branding

We shape your business to touch your audience in a memorable way. From creating your logo, to branding your social media, to helping to redesign your website, we make every piece of your business count.

WEBSITE design & management

We digitally support our client's brands by formulating a website in which we can drive traffic to a central hub, in order to showcase the brand. We help in creating and maintaining a cohesive brand image on our websites to guarantee a unified and tasteful image. To obtain maximum reach and engage more with the brands market, we utilize analytic tools and SEO, to continue growing the presence, and deliver valuable content to the existing audience.

media outreach

have a new song, product or course coming out? we will conduct media outreach and create a custom media kit for your brand! this is an essential tool used in pitching to the press and can be very valuable in hopes of attaining more eyes on your brand, or sponsorships and collaborations.

extra services

Please contact us if you’re interested in website design, business card design, pitch templates, youtube thumbnails and descriptions, video and editing.